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This Christmas be a Magi

This Christmas be a Magi

Christmas is just around the corner. Time to sit around warm fires and spend time with family and friends; time for the great traditional Christmas spread; time for laughter, cheer and great joy; time for gifts ….

This Christmas be a Magi

Time for giving gifts ….

Now Pause a while:

Far away in a distant land in the mountains, winter has set in. There are many children there, who do not have the luxury of two square meals a day. For whom, if there is no work – there is no food. A blanket or even a warm jumper is a luxury here. Each day is a battle for survival for these innocent souls. The pandemic has made matters worse.

Remember the Magi?

The three wise men from the East. They followed the guiding star to Bethlehem, visited the infant Jesus and showered him with gifts. Since then Christmas has been all about love, care and sharing.

This Christmas we urge you to be a Magi

Give a child a gift of a Christmas dinner; send a family living in the slums a Covid package; buy a child a warm blanket or a warm jumper. Winter has arrived in Darjeeling, India — an extremely cold time for the poor and for those who have no work, are unable to support their families and no way to put food on the table.

We at the Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation (a not for profit organisation) provide care and protective support to street children, victims of abuse and sex trafficking, child labourers and other at risk minors.

There are more than 200 children staying with us.

Fund raising has never been more challenging than it has been this year and we need more funds than ever to help our children. These are extremely hard times for our children.

You can help: Donate by using the link below. Don’t forget to email us at edithwilkins54@gmail.com with your name & address and we will forward you on your gift card.

Donate today, using the link below. You can make a real difference. Email us your address and we will forward you your gift card,


Here are some ideas of how you can help these children this Christmas:

A Covid Package for a family in a slum – the package contains disinfectant, towel, soap, food items and masks. This Christmas Package costs €35 euro!

Help spread Love, Cheer and Warmth this Christmas. Your contribution would mean the world to so many!