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Interns Blog 01

This week we had a very special break dancing workshop with Cork B-Boy Cian Mulcahy. The kids were very excited to learn some new break dancing skills as most of the kids, especially the boys are very interested in this type of dance. After some intense warm ups and stretching, the dancing began.

The kids took to it straight away and picked up the new moves with great ease. Their fearlessness to throw themselves into head stands, was really something semi terrifying and brilliant to see. They gave so much energy learning each new move. It really brought some of the girls out of the shell also, as they incorporated some traditional Nepali dancing into some of the breaking routines. The whole morning was great fun and gave the opportunity to some of the kids to learn from an expert.

It was great to witness how quickly they learnt the moves and how willing they were to attempt some really difficult moves that I have to say I was reluctant to try, due to the level of difficulty. The boys can still be seen practising and perfecting the many different moves in the Foundations yard.